Sunday, February 28, 2010

Egg bread & applesauce coffee cake

I hadn't made any bread for a while, being that I've got a day job again, so I decided to buff up my kneading muscles with two recipes: applesauce coffee cake and egg bread.

The applesauce coffee cake is a "quick bread" and looks quite delicious indeed. It's like any coffee cake or sweet bread, except it has a cup of applesauce in the batter, as well as a lovely cinnamon strudel on top. I can't wait to have this for breakfast this week.

I think I would like to start making coffee cake every Sunday. I would also like to start making all of my bread, so that would be a Sunday or Saturday thing, also. It would save money, sure, but it also helps us to control the ingredients in our bread. Not to mention that fresh-baked bread is so much more delicious than store-bought!

And, I need help finishing my bread list. I won't make it through the list by the end of winter, but I will continue on through summer.

And speaking of bread, I made some egg bread, as well, which is a yeast bread. It required a lot of flour, but only three eggs. I don't know why, but I thought it would have more. At any rate, it's still more than a lot of yeast breads.

I think the bread will taste something like challah, and I'm excited to have it on sandwiches this week.

Oh, and I need to make sure I read recipes before I start them. I missed the part about covering the bread with foil during the last fifteen minutes of baking, so the tops of my loaves got a little brown, but that's OK.

Into the freezer for one of the loaves, and into my mouth with the other!

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