Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The grape post

I don't normally do posts about food that I haven't prepared, but in this case I think the fruit warrants it: grapes.

I'm not talking about crappy supermarket grapes. I have never really liked those, and most certainly never get excited about them. They hardly have any flavor, and their texture is iffy at best. But you can do better.

Last year I began buying concord grapes. They are a little harder to find, and they are really only available in season, but they are worth it. The first time I tried one, I was completely overwhelmed by real, dark grape flavor. And there was something else, too: total nostalgia. It took me a second, but I realized that they taste like grapes from my Grandma's vine. What could be better?

Today Dave and I went to the produce market to get some bunny food and I grabbed one of the happy little boxes of concord grapes. Then, next to the concords, I saw something else - "champagne" grapes, a.k.a. black Corinth grapes! They are tiny little adorable grapes that I've never seen before, and they remind me a bit of currants. Apparently they've been growing in Corinth since ancient times, which is pretty cool. These really blew my mind, and bunny liked them, too.

I think mine are even tinier than this.

At any rate, that's my grape post, and if you haven't tried these before, I really think you should before they go out of season. I've really been trying to eat seasonally this year, and the CSA is making it easy, but I'm really sad for the summer to end. I see a long winter of apples, pears, and grapefruit. But I guess I'll have these grapes to look forward to next year.

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