Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vegan chorizo & potato burritos

While I'm not a vegan and don't intend to become one, I have thought for some time about being able to substitute healthy alternatives to fatty meat products.

A while back, I put the Skinny Bitch cookbook on my wish list, and my mom got it for me. It's basically a cookbook for vegans, with many clever and healthy substitutions for everyday foods, like tofu "ricotta" and vegan bacon. (The book is a little controversial, but all in all I think it's pretty funny and at least has a healthy message.)

So, I've been thinking of trying some healthy substitutions lately. When I was at Jewel last week, I saw "soyrizo" - fake chorizo made out of soy protein.

You may think I'm crazy, but this stuff really does taste like chorizo. Maybe the texture is not exactly the same - not as firm or chunky - but the overall taste is the same, especially the spices.

I decided to use this to make one of my favorite dishes: potato and chorizo burritos.

First you shred a couple of potatoes (skin on, it's healthier). Then you sautee the potato shavings and the chorizo together:

After it's all browned and hot, you put in a whole wheat tortilla. I spread some no-fat refried beans in the burrito as a garnish. Overall a very healthy dinner, and completely vegan (as far as I know). And (as far as I know), Dave liked it a lot.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not going to become vegan. I really do believe that humans were made to consume meat - that's why we were made with canine teeth, two eyes in the front of our heads, and only one stomach.

Nonetheless, I do think that people have a right to become vegetarian or vegan for their health or their conscience. I'm choosing to purchase and consume more vegan foods for both reasons - but I will certainly consume a big, juicy, delicious hamburger from time to time.

So, hooray for vegan chorizo!

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