Monday, July 6, 2009

Shredded pork sandwiches

I've been on a quasi-vegetarian kick lately, so I figured it was time to reward Dave (and myself) with a big chunk of meat.

I had bought a two-pound pork roast in anticipation of making shredded pork, so I decided to make that (and simultaneously clear out a sizable chunk of space in the freezer). The recipe is another one from my Crock Pot recipe book, and like all the others, it's very simple.

You thaw the pork roast, then place it in the Crock Pot along with 1 cup of salsa, a can of green chilies, some garlic salt, and some pepper. I also poured in a bit of barbecue sauce that Dave's friend recently brought us from Memphis, Tennessee.

You can't see much, but there is a two-pound pork roast in there, I assure you. It's supposed to cook on low heat for eight hours, but my pork roast's timer thing popped out long before then. I think I probably stopped at about the six-hour mark.

Then I shredded the pork with a fork and mixed it all up in with the reduced salsa and barbecue sauce, and let it simmer for another thirty minutes.

After that, I spread the pork mixture on wheat buns and we enjoyed heartily.

I even brought some to school today (reheating the pork separately) and it was as delicious as the day before. This is definitely a recipe I will make again.

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