Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall berry tart

Because I just did a post on strawberry tarts, I'll keep this one brief. I had my Europe trip friends over for dinner and photo sharing, and I wanted to make them a beautiful berry tart with the pastry cream from Friday and the berries I picked with Dave today at Valley Orchard.

I used the same pastry cream and pastry dough that I used for the strawberry tarts, but I tweaked the dough a bit because I made one big tart rather than four little ones. This worked out fine, because I remembered that Ina lists another recipe for a large tart with appropriate cooking temperatures and time. (It's in a different book, but as I am a walking library of Ina's repertoire, this worked out fine.)

For the topping, I cut up leftover strawberries from Friday and washed blackberries and raspberries that we picked this morning at Valley Orchard in Cherry Valley, IL. The tart looked amazing, and the berries really can't get fresher.

My friends were suitably pleased, and my friend and I are moving closer to our idea of starting up a bakery. Any investors?

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Stacy said...

If you two need subcontractors I'd love to offer my bakery services :)