Saturday, November 14, 2009

Banana cream pie

Today I made a banana cream pie for a pie party hosted by my law school friend. My recipe was from my Better Homes & Gardens binder.

First I made the crust - a pastry shell crust for my glass pie plate. I baked that, then lined the shell with bananas. (I made an extra pan with a "crust" of chocolate graham crackers, but it turns out that the filling was just enough to fill my pie.)

I made the vanilla pie filling from milk, corn starch, egg yolks, butter, and vanilla. This is the base for many cream pies in my book.

Then I poured it over the bananas:

Mmm. Then I whipped up some meringue and piped it on top of the pie.

I baked it for a bit, just enough to give the meringue a golden hue, and then I cooled it for a few hours before the party. There's mine in the lower corner!

Other pies at the event included pecan, apple, pumpkin, and cherry. Later, more people brought key lime pie and a home-made Kit Kat bar. It was an amazing night of pie!

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