Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cauliflower gratin

Cauliflower is in season, and I bought a head of it to make Ina Garten's cauliflower gratin, from Barefoot in Paris. It seemed like a quasi-healthy, but decadent option for dinner tonight.

First, cut up the cauliflower:

Then boil it while you make the white sauce. The white sauce consists of a rue (flour and butter), then hot milk, and once it's come together, you mix in some gruyere, parmesan, freshly ground black pepper, and salt.

Mix it all together in a dish, then cover with more gruyere and bread crumbs. (And a little more melted butter). This is what it looked like before baking:

And this is what it looked like after baking!

I'm thinking of making this as a side dish for Thanksgiving at my aunt's house; it's this or glazed carrots. Either way, delicious vegetables!

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Dave Musser said...

I'm not usually a cauliflower fan, but this was really good! It had just the right texture, and of course that gruyere taste was fantastic.