Friday, February 5, 2010

Venison pot roast

After my epic fun time eating a variety of nature's creatures in Colorado this winter, my mom's work friend gave me some cuts of game meat - including venison and antelope. I took one out of the freezer this week to make venison pot roast from the Better Homes & Garden cookbook.

When I opened the thawed packet of meat, I have to say that I wasn't prepared for the blood. Whoaaaa, the blood. It literally poured out of the packet and I yelled to Dave, something like, "Holy mother of GOD!!" Anyway, he handled it and got the piece of meat into the pot successfully. That's my man!

For the pot roast, you basically browned the roast, then boiled it for an hour and a half in onions, carrots, tomato juice, and beef bouillon.

Ahh, look at the beautiful steam coming off of that hunk of deer.

I splashed some wine into the pot to deglaze, then poured it all over some orzo.

The venison was really good, although some parts were more moist or tender than others. I've got a lot more meat, so I was thinking venison quesadillas tomorrow for lunch - I guess we'll see!

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