Friday, June 11, 2010

Roasted chicken with root vegetables

Well, I had a fun cooking experience tonight - my first roasted chicken.

I had actually bought this little chicken at a winter farmers' market, and we've had him in the freezer ever since. It's a little pasture-raised chicken, and it was weird to work with him whole. (Reminded me too much of a real chicken.) I felt bad for the little guy, reminding me of what I exclaimed one Thanksgiving morning when I saw my mom dressing a turkey: "He wants his mommy!!"

I used a recipe from the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook for roasted chicken with root vegetables. The root vegetables in this case are beets (red & golden) and carrots, but I couldn't find golden beets, so I substituted potatoes.

The chicken was easy enough to roast, and in fact I probably over-cooked it because of how small it is. Still, we each got a heap of breast meat and a leg, and a bunch of veggies.

I can see how this would be more of a comfort food in winter, but it was tasty in summer just the same. And, now I have a big chicken carcass with which to finally make some home-made stock. (I'm going to throw in some venison bones, too - should create a nice flavored stock.) Poor little chicken - I've got to try to do good by him and use every bit!

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