Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Banana chocolate chip ice cream

Ohhhhh ice cream maker. You devil, you.

I am having a dinner party tonight with some crochet buddies in the area, and since the meal is relatively light, I thought I'd do something decadent for dessert - and what is more decadent than something evil churned out of my ice cream maker?

AND, what could be better than a huge pile of discount bananas from the produce store for 99 cents?!

The banana ice cream is really easy. Almost too easy. Shaving the chocolate to mix into the banana mixture was probably the most difficult thing about this.

Number one, boil some milk. Meanwhile, beat eggs and sugar. When the milk just begins to boil, pour it slowly into the eggs and sugar, whisking until smooth. Turn back into saucepan on low heat until custard thickens.

Meanwhile, smash up some bananas. I doubled the recipe, so I was mashing up 4 large bananas - that's quite a heap of banana mush. When the custard has thickened, you pour it into a bowl with the bananas, let cool for a few minutes, then pour in cream and vanilla. The recipe suggests also adding banana liqueur, which sounds like it would be lovely, but I don't have any more room in my liquor cabinet at the moment.

Chill, then turn mixture into an ice cream maker for 25 minutes. But if you want to mix in chocolate shavings, as I did, you mix these in about 5-10 minutes before the ice cream is done. This allows the still-semi-frozen ice cream to incorporate the chocolate.

I made the custard last night, it sat overnight in the fridge, and I put it into the ice cream maker this morning. So by the time I was done getting dressed, this beautiful concoction was perfectly ice-cream-looking, so I had to have a big spoonful. Breakfast of champions. I have to say, this is my favorite thing that has come out of my little ice cream churner so far, but that's probably because I put too much of the cinnamon ice cream in the churner too fast. Making it in batches is clearly the way to go, as I just don't think it churns right if it's more than half or two-thirds full.

Go bananas!

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