Monday, February 20, 2012

Calzones and chickpea salad

Dave had a guy friend over tonight for a Dungeons and Dragons thing, so I figured I'd make a recipe I've been wanting to do for a long time (and you really need at least one extra person around):  calzones!  I did a side of chickpea salad, too.

I have not made a calzone since my days in the Pizza Hut kitchen.  In those days, I would simply stretch a personal pan crust and fold it over the ingredients.  Now I'm making my own dough from scratch, as well as the sauce and cheese mixture!

The dough was just a regular pizza dough, with yeast, water, flour, olive oil, salt, and some herbes de provence mixed in.  (This was another weird mistake in this recipe book: the ingredients listed dried oregano, but didn't tell you when to add it to the dough.)

After the dough rose, I pre-heated the oven to 500 degrees.  Then I hand-stretched each pizza dough, sprinkled some cooked Italian sausage, and spread it with a cheese mixture that included ricotta, shredded mozzarella, shredded parmigiano cheese, basil, parsley, and dried onion powder.  Fold the dough over and bake for 20 minutes.  

The chickpea salad, I made the night before.  It is just chickpeas, onions, jarred pimientos, and a vinaigrette with olive oil, lemon juice, and red wine vinegar.  I let it soak overnight and come to room temperature before serving.

Because the calzones didn't include any sauce, I served it with some basic red sauce.  it was really good, although I think I could have stretched the dough a little thinner so I could fit more filling in there.  But I did have a lot of leftovers and made some pizzas out of dough and filling today for lunch!

Now to look in the Italian cookbook and pick out some more delicious recipes to make...

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