Monday, September 21, 2009

Healthy granola

OK, so I have already made Ina's perfect granola on this blog, but in the spirit of cutting calories, I am trying the healthy granola from Cook Yourself Thin. It is heavier on grains and nuts and lighter on dried fruit than Ina's. Obviously it will be lighter calories, too, but that's also because it's tighter on portion control.

The low-calorie granola has five cups of oats, one cup of sunflower seeds, and one cup of slivered almonds.

You bake the oat mixture, then mix with honey and bake some more. Then mix with cranberries and cinnamon!

I really liked the addition of the cinnamon. I also used some of the fresh honey I bought at a farm in Marengo a few weeks ago, and that tasted amazing.

The recipe makes 15 batches, so I tried to divide it relatively evenly into fifteen bags for easy serving.

This way, we can totally just pour this into a yogurt, or eat it in the car!

I don't mean to say that Ina's granola isn't healthy, but with all the dried fruit in hers (and my total lack of portion control with her granola), I know this will be a healthier way to do granola. I like making stuff like this at home - it saves money, it's fun to mix, and it goes without saying that it's got fewer calories than store-bought granola. As my book says, with all the calories and sugar in pre-made granola, you might as well just eat a donut. No thanks!

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