Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween party pretzels

We were invited to a friend's horror movie marathon on Saturday night, so I made pretzel bones" and "blood and guts dip" for the party. Both recipes came from my Halloween magazine from last year.

I couldn't believe how easy each recipe was. For the pretzels, you just melt butter and honey together, then mix in chili powder and onion powder (although I used garlic instead). Then you mix in stick pretzels and bake for five minutes. Not too difficult!

For the dip, it's just honey, water, brown sugar, cranberries, and dijon mustard. Kind of sounds like a weird amalgam, but it was tangy, sweet, and a perfect dip for the spicy pretzels.

Now if only I didn't think about "The Fly" when I ate them...

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