Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Molasses-oatmeal bread

The bread challenge continued this week with molasses-oatmeal bread from the BH&G binder.

The bread started with a bowl of flour and yeast, and then this somewhat odd mixture on the stovetop: water, molasses, oats, and salt.

Then you mix it all together and knead in more flour, then it's rising time. This bread required a LOT of rising time: first in the bowl, then cut into two pieces, then more rising as loaves in the pan.

After it's all risen, coat with oats and you're ready to bake.

This was another two-loafer, so I might mail one of the loaves to one of the people on my list. (That is, assuming it passes the taste test!)

The molasses smelled kind of odd, maybe because I expected maple syrup. The look of these kind of reminds me of my maple-oatmeal scones. Mmm...I'm going to have a nice warm slice before bed.

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