Sunday, May 1, 2011

Icebox cake

The Trib ran a recipe this week for a dark chocolate icebox cake that was allegedly served on Friday at the wedding reception for Prince William and Kate Middleton. I haven't really cared to follow the royal wedding, but oh man, I can get behind some cake.

The idea behind an icebox cake is to make a mousse or pudding, then soak cookies in it. It's not a "cake," exactly, but the pudding softens the cookies and whole thing sort of reminds you of a cake.

For this particular icebox cake, you're supposed to chop up some tea biscuits (a.k.a. cookies), but on such short notice, I figured that some shortbread cookies from Whole Foods would have to do. I'm sure, given more time, I could find some real tea cookies next time.

For the filling, you mix butter and sugar, stir in melted chocolate, and whip in an egg. Then you fold in the cookie pieces and put into a small cake pan or some such container. It doesn't get baked, so it doesn't really matter what you put it in.

After chilling for a few hours, you turn it out onto a plate and cut into slices, then pour melted chocolate on top.

So chocolatey, so amazing. I can see why this was a favorite of the Queen Mother!

This cake is also a freaking mess. oh well.

The cake recipe in the link is small - for a six-inch pan only - yet an 8th slice is almost 500 calories. But it's very good. I like that it is so dark and that it can sit in the fridge for days and be OK. Dave and I are taking this one slowly.

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