Sunday, February 12, 2012


We had a few people over today to watch Star Trek and eat food, and since my main course was five-cheese penne (sorry, didn't get any photos) with salad, I thought I should do a nice boozy Italian dessert.  Tiramisu it is.  I've made tiramisu before, but this one is Ina's from Barefoot Contessa: Family Style.

This was the easiest tiramisu ever - and also the most potent.  Just make the cream stuff by mixing egg yolks, sugar, rum, espresso, and Mascarpone cheese.  (Exact recipe is in the above link.)  Then dip the ladyfingers (store-bought, sorry) in a rum-espresso mixture and layer them in a dish.  Dump half the cream on them, then dip some more ladyfingers and add them as another layer, then dump the rest of the cream.  I think the real trick is figuring out the right size dish to use.  Ina recommends a 9 x 12 dish, but my 9 x 13 dish was definitely way too huge despite only being one inch longer.

Chill the tiramisu, then shave chocolate over it right before serving.  My friends were in love with this, although it was honestly a little strong for me.  I think I probably prefer the other tiramisu I made, even though I made it wrong last time.  You live and you learn!

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